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THEATRE: "Noises Off" by Centenary Theatre Group

18 May 2024

Season: May 18th - June 9th, 2024

Join us for the uproarious comedy "Noises Off" written by Michael Frayn, directed by William McCreery-Rye, and featuring an exceptional cast!

Dates: May 18th - June 9th, 2024

Venue: Chelmer Community Centre

"Noises Off" is a farce that provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chaotic production of a fictional play called “Nothing’s On.” This play-within-a-play unfolds with intricate structure and comedic elements, highlighting the hilarious mishaps and challenges faced during a theatrical production.

The three acts of the play offer different perspectives:

  1. Final rehearsal of "Nothing’s On"

  2. Backstage during a performance

  3. Disastrous last performance of the play’s run

Director: William McCreery-Rye

Assistant Director: Julie Collins


  • Michael Civitano

  • Natalie Pedler

  • Brent Jeffrey

  • Samantha O'Hare

  • James Sheehan

  • Artemisia Allan

  • Bohdan Polowyj

  • Eleni Koutsoukis

  • Kip Jeffree

🎟️ Ticket Link: Centenary Theatre Group Tickets

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