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THEATRE: 'Diary of a Madman' by Matrix Theatre Company

16 May 2024

Season: May 16th - June 1st, 2024

Prepare to be captivated by "DIARY OF A MADMAN," presented by Matrix Theatre Company!

Dates: May 16th to June 1st, 2024

Venue: PIP Theatre, 20 Park Rd, Milton, 4064

Tickets: Available now at this link

About the Show: In a world filled with prejudice and privilege, Aksentii Poprishchin, a lowly bureaucrat and outsider, is determined to rise above his station in life. Secluded in an attic, he escapes the despair of his existence by chronicling his experiences in a diary, using humour to mock those who have oppressed him. Through a series of hilarious vignettes and imaginative flights of fancy, he enacts his diary entries for his maid and an audience. However, as the outside world proves to be unforgiving to those perceived as different, Poprishchin's mental state deteriorates into delusion, paranoia, and ultimately, insanity. "DIARY OF A MADMAN" is a poignant exploration of alienation, unrequited love, and the descent into madness.

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