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THEATRE: 'Prospect Terrace' by PIP Theatre

6 June 2024

Season: June 6th - 22nd, 2024

Get ready for a compelling exploration of family dynamics in "Prospect Terrace," presented by PIP Theatre!

Dates: June 6th to June 22nd, 2024

Venue: PIP Theatre, 20 Park Rd, Milton, 4064

Tickets: Available now at this link

About the Show: Set in a traditional Queenslander in Queensland, "Prospect Terrace" offers a humorous, poignant, and sometimes bitter portrayal of a dysfunctional family. As parents age, inheritances loom, and the family home becomes a focal point, the powerful dynamics of family relationships come to the forefront. Protagonist Pepper finds her once-normal life unraveling as her father, Jack, becomes increasingly cantankerous, her younger sister Bunny dispenses unwanted advice, and her brother Rob struggles with alcoholism. To add to her troubles, Pepper's estranged teenage daughter, Megan, refuses to acknowledge her. When 80-year-old Jack lands in the hospital, the family is forced to confront difficult decisions about his future and the fate of the cherished family home on Prospect Terrace. As they navigate through past memories, buried truths, and forgotten love, they come face to face with the complexities of familial bonds.

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