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AUDITION NOTICE: "Clue: On Stage" by Ipswich Little Theatre

Audition Date: Monday 27 May 2024 @ 7.30 pm at Ipswich Little Theatre, 15 Burley Griffin Dr, Ipswich QLD

Performance Season: 18 September to 5 October 2024

About the Show:

Join us for "Clue On Stage," adapted from the cult classic Paramount Pictures film and Hasbro board game. It's a dark and stormy night at Boddy Manor where you'll encounter a bizarre dinner party, aliases for guests, a variety of weapons, and a host who's... well, dead. Follow the quirky characters like Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard as they unravel the mystery before the body count rises!

Directed by: Tony Erhardt, with Assistant Director Jo Robbins

Roles Available:

  • Wadsworth: Traditional British butler, uptight and formal. Male 40 - 60yrs.

  • Yvette: Loyal and sexy French maid. Female 20 – 40yrs.

  • Miss Scarlet: Dry and sardonic D.C. madam. Female 30 – 50yrs.

  • Mrs. Peacock: Wealthy, neurotic, and quick to hysteria. Female 30 - 60yrs.

  • Mrs. White: Pale, morbid woman with a mysterious past. Female 40 - 60yrs.

  • Colonel Mustard: Pompous military man. Male 40 - 60yrs.

  • Professor Plum: Arrogant academic. Male 30 – 50yrs.

  • Mr. Green: Timid and officious rule follower. Male 30- 50yrs.

  • Ensemble Man: Plays multiple small roles. Male 30 – 60yrs.

  • Ensemble Woman: Plays multiple small roles. Female 30 – 60yrs.

Audition Information:


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