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Why Your Donation Matters

Running Stage Buzz Brisbane is a labour of love, but it involves real costs unfortunately. As a one-woman operation, I dedicate my spare time to researching and posting audition opportunities, upcoming performances, job listings, workshops, masterclasses, and social events, as well as travelling around Queensland to review shows and conduct interviews.


This incurs expenses for transportation, equipment, website subscriptions, domain name fees, and business registration. Despite these costs, membership and all content on the website remain free to ensure theatre is accessible to everyone.


Your donations directly contribute to promoting local talent, providing much-needed exposure through reviews and interviews, and fostering a strong, connected community of theatre lovers.


Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference. With your support, we can continue shining a spotlight on the amazing talent and productions that make our theatre scene so special.


Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Let’s keep the buzz alive!

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