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REVIEW: Footlights Theatrical's "She's All That" - A Resilient Cabaret Affair

Performance Dates: February 3-4, 2024

Location: Nosferatu Distillery, Bowen Hills

Director: Rhona Leigh Bechaz

Choreography: Samantha Graham


  • Samantha Hancock

  • Hannah McNamara

  • Hannah Macri

  • Annie James

  • Clare Thomson

  • Marina Pennisi

  • Samantha Sherrin

  • Lisa Alsop

  • Rhea Basha

The atmospheric Nosferatu Distillery in Bowen Hills not only provided a captivating backdrop for Footlights Theatrical's "She's All That" but also played a pivotal role in elevating the entire cabaret experience. The intimate setting, coupled with the tantalising aroma of onsite gin production, set the stage for an unforgettable night of entertainment. Two sold-out shows, each housing 70 enthusiastic audience members, turned the venue into a buzzing hive of anticipation, complete with delectable cheese boards and a taco truck.

The almost 30-number performance was an unceasing display of energy and talent. Standout group numbers, including the high-energy finale "Born This Way" and the cheeky cabaret rendition of "Lady Marmalade," showcased the cast's versatility. Solo performances were well-rehearsed and executed, creating poignant and empowering moments. The choice of more subdued musical numbers too, such as "Fuckin' Perfect" and "Beautiful," resonated with the audience.

The sweet and reflective costuming, coupled with thoughtfully chosen lighting colours, effectively highlighted each girl's personality. Despite the challenging heat affecting hair and makeup, the performers navigated these hurdles with grace, demonstrating their dedication to delivering a visually stunning show. Some volunteer hair stylists might be considered for next time to create a unique stage-ready style for each performer.

The first performance faced an hour-long power outage during Hannah Macri's solo, "Both Sides Now." Undeterred, the cast and audience improvised with phone torches, creating an unexpectedly beautiful moment of human connection. Despite technical glitches persisting through the second set, the resilience of the cast, particularly as the power returned during Rhea Basha's powerful rendition of "Girl on Fire," was commendable.

The audience played a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere, contributing to a fantastic collective experience. The camaraderie between the performers and the audience turned the unexpected challenges into moments of shared laughter and understanding.

"She's All That" emerged as a resilient cabaret affair, overcoming unforeseen technical obstacles with poise and humour. The second performance, marked by improved technical conditions, showcased the true professionalism of the team. Despite the heat, the collective blast of high energy created a memorable experience for all involved. Footlights Theatrical's "She's All That" leaves the audience eagerly anticipating their next cabaret production, hoping for another round of exceptional performances in the future.


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