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AUDITION NOTICE: "Away" by Villanova Players Theatre

Embark on a theatrical journey with Villanova Players Theatre as they present auditions for "Away," a compelling play written by Australian playwright Michael Gow. Directed by Helen Ekundayo, this production promises to weave a captivating narrative of three families grappling with internal conflicts during a Christmas holiday in 1968, disrupted by a massive storm.


  • Date: Saturday, 16 March 2024

  • Venue: Ron Hurley Theatre, 28 Tallowwood St, Seven Hills QLD 4170


  • June 14th - 23rd, 2024

  • Rehearsals: Usually on Sunday afternoons, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings (final schedule to be confirmed based on cast availability)


  • Tom: Male, about 17, just finished Year 11, diagnosed with Leukemia

  • Meg: Female, about 17, fond of Tom

  • Harry: Male, 40-60, Tom's father, British migrant

  • Vic: Female, 40-60, Tom's mother, British migrant

  • Jim: Male, 40-60, Meg's father, Australian, quiet and put upon

  • Gwen: Female, 40-60, Meg's mother, Australian, forthright, expects a lot from her family

  • Roy: Male, 45-65, School Principal, lost his son in the Vietnam War

  • Coral: Female, 40-65, Roy's wife, mourning the death of her son in the Vietnam War, suffering from depression

  • Ensemble: Small ensemble of campers (any age or gender), Rick (young man at the Hotel), and Leonie (young woman at the Hotel)


  • No need for monologue preparation; cold reads of script excerpts will be conducted.

People of all backgrounds and ages (as a guide) are encouraged to audition. For more information, email or call 0423 920 832.


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