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AUDITION NOTICE: 'GUILTY' by Inscape Assembly

About the Production: Inscape Assembly is searching for Brisbane-based artists over the age of 18 to make up the cast and crew of our upcoming production, 'GUILTY, a new Original Cabaret'. We highly encourage artists from diverse backgrounds and minority groups to apply and want to make clear that Inscape Assembly is a safe and supportive space for all. Due to the nature of the production, this opportunity will likely be unpaid.

This compelling production delves into the lives of four young women, examining their intersecting journeys after a tumultuous night out. Grounded in real stories collected from women spanning ages 19 to 72, "GUILTY" challenges societal norms, highlighting the urgent need for change in a world rife with double standards and indifference towards the female experience.

Available Roles:

  • Jane: Once effervescent, now embittered; early to mid-twenties.

  • Florence: A plus-size influencer with a past shrouded in turmoil; mid to late twenties.

  • Myrtle: Timid and constrained, breaking free from the shackles of purity culture; early to mid-twenties.

  • Ethan/Noah: The epitome of regular guys, also taking on ensemble roles.

Content Advisory: This play contains coarse language, mature themes, descriptions of sexual assault and sexual harassment and references to; slut-shaming, fatphobia and body-shaming, homophobia, stalking, grooming, sexism and misogyny.

Audition Details:

  • Dates: April 11th - 13th, 2024

  • Location: Northside Studio, Banyo, (11 Buchanan Road Banyo, 4014)

  • Preparation: All female presenting roles are required to sing so please prepare two contrasting songs (1 minute each), one in the style of musical theatre and one in the style of pop. As well as this you will need to prepare the monologue(s) for the character(s) you are applying for, found HERE. You will need to learn a short dance piece to the song 'Rumour Has It'. Please find the example video HERE and the instruction video for the dance HERE. You do not need to have extensive dance experience.

  • MALE PRESENTING ROLES: Please prepare the two audition pieces provided, found HERE. We are casting both singers and non singers for the male presenting roles. If you have the ability to sing please prepare one musical theatre song (1 minute). If you do not wish to audition for a singing part please indicate this on your application form.

Online Auditions:

  • Submission Deadline: April 11th, 2024

  • For online auditions please prepare the piece’s listed above and submit them in a self taped format. Please also book a Zoom call during one of our available audition times for discussion and a redirection of your monologue.


  • Date: April 14th

Rehearsal Schedule, Beginning April 27th

  • Tuesdays 6:30PM - 9:30PM at Visable Ink Youth Hub, Fortitude Valley.

  • Saturdays 11:30AM - 5:30PM at The Bloodhound Bar, Fortitude Valley.

Performances: 26th July - 3rd August, 2024

Audition Panel:

  • Director / Writer - Madeleine

  • Assistant Director / Choreographer - Jaide Camilleri

  • Writer / Production Designer - Scarlett Hughes

About Inscape Assembly:

Inscape Assembly is an independent theatre collective founded and managed by Madeleine Keeble, Haley Meekan, and David Wotherspoon. We delve into what theatre can be, making it more accessible for both audience members and artists.


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