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AUDITION NOTICE: Honeymoon in Vegas - Gold Coast Little Theatre

Title: Honeymoon in Vegas

Presented By: Gold Coast Little Theatre

Genre: Musical, Comedy

Synopsis: This musical is a high-flying romantic comedy set against the glamorous backdrop of Las Vegas. Through a very surprising love triangle, this story shares a satirical look at love and commitment, devotion to family and the fear of loss. This piece allows us to not only laugh but also reflect deeply on meaningful connection and protecting those we love. The mystique of Vegas provides an exciting opportunity for an energetic ensemble cast to perform authentic, character-driven work in a heightened world.

Written By:

  • Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

  • Book by Andrew Bergman

Audition Dates:

  • Saturday, 3rd August

  • Sunday, 4th August (if required)

Audition Times:

  • Dance Audition (Group):

  • Registration: 9:30am

  • All Auditionees: 10:00am - 11:00am

  • Advanced Dance: 11:00am - 12:00pm

  • Vocal Audition (Individual):

  • Individual slots assigned upon receipt of audition application

Audition Location and Address: Gold Coast Little Theatre, 21a Scarborough St, Southport (Behind the Westpac Bank building)

Audition Requirements:

  • Audition registration forms must be submitted by Thursday, 1st August.

  • All auditionees must attend both choreography and individual vocal auditions.

  • Auditionees should prepare two contrasting songs in the style of the show (approximately 32 bars or 1 minute each), provide their own digital backing, and be prepared to cold read from the script.

  • A comprehensive rehearsal schedule will be made available at the beginning of the rehearsal process.


Audition Registration: Click here

Audition Pack: Click here

Warnings: Some costuming will reflect the look of Vegas showgirls as well as holiday clothing such as swimwear and bikinis. All costuming will be a collaborative experience between successful cast and the creative team to ensure comfort and safety to perform at their best. Successful auditionees cast in female dancing roles will be required to provide their own chorus heels and tights.

Required Age: 18 years or older

Available Roles:

  • Jack Singer: Lead, Male, 25 - 30, Vocal range: Ab2-G#4

  • Betsy Nolan: Lead, Female, 25 - 30, Vocal range: F#3-Eb5

  • Bea Singer: Supporting, Female, 50 - 70, Vocal range: G3-E5

  • Tommy Korman: Lead, Male, 40 - 50, Vocal range: F2-G4

  • Buddy Rocky: Supporting, Male, 25 - 40, Vocal range: A2-G4

  • Johnny Sandwich: Supporting, Male, 30 - 50, Vocal range: D3-G4

  • Roy Bacon: Supporting, Male, 25 - 40, Vocal range: B3-Ab4

  • Mahi: Supporting, Female, 20 - 40, Vocal range: A3-F#5

  • Teihutu: Supporting, Male, 20 - 40, Vocal range: C#3-D#4

  • Raymond: Supporting, Male, 20- 50, Vocal range: G2-F#4

  • Featured Ensemble: Various roles including Alex, Rose, Featured Dancers, Elvis Impersonators, Hotel Staff, Tourists, Taxi Drivers, Salesmen, Card Players, and Ticket Agents

Creative Team:

  • Director: Tony Campbell

  • Musical Director: Julie Whiting

  • Choreographer: Natalie Cassaniti

  • Choreographer: Andrew King


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