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AUDITION NOTICE: Mother and Son - Act1 Theatre

Title: Mother & Son

Presented By: ACT1 Theatre

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Synopsis: Written by Geoffrey Atherden, "Mother & Son" is one of the best Australian series ever made, now brought to the stage by ACT1 Theatre. "Mother & Son" centres on the relationship between Maggie, who is becoming more than a little forgetful, and her middle-aged son Arthur, who moves in with her when his father dies and never leaves. The series delighted audiences because it reflected real-life situations and maintained the dignity of Maggie, whose cunning saw her win in most episodes.

Audition Date: Saturday, 27 July

Audition Time: From 1:00 PM

Audition Location and Address: ACT1 Theatre, Old Shire Hall, 238 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD

Audition Requirements: Send a private message or email to express your interest and specify which character you are auditioning for.

Available Roles:

  • Maggie: The mother, mid to late 70s

  • Arthur: The younger son, 40s

  • Robert: The older son, late 40s

  • Liz: Robert’s wife, mid 40s

  • Anita: Arthur’s girlfriend, late 30s/early 40s

  • Monica: Nursing home or hostel resident, 70s

  • Steve: Aged Care Assessor

  • Bronte: Maggie's granddaughter, 11 (pre-recorded video segment)

  • Jarrod: Maggie's grandson, 9 (pre-recorded video segment)

Performance Dates: 22 November to 7 December

Production Website: ACT1 Theatre


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