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AUDITION NOTICE: One Act Play Festival: Loads Of Love Light and Laughter! - Lind Lane Theatre

Title: One Act Play Festival

Presented By: The Lind Lane Theatre

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Synopsis: Join us for a festival filled with love, light, and laughter as we present a series of one-act plays, each offering a unique blend of comedy and drama.

Audition Date: Saturday 15th July

Audition Time: 7:00pm

Callback Date: Thursday 18th July

Callback Time: 7:00pm

Audition Location and Address: Lind Lane Theatre, 16 Mitchell St, Nambour

Audition Requirements:

  • Cold reading from the script

  • No preparation needed

  • Open to all experience levels

Available Roles:

  • The Last Comedienne by Chris McKerracher (directed by Victoria Bensted)

  • Brooke Benson: Emcee of the contest

  • Eleanor Brown: Newcomer to the comedy circuit. Needs to make a name for herself in comedy

  • Mercedes Ellington: Cynical, jaded, faded circuit star on her fifth straight finale without a win.

  • Fanny “Granny” Foote: Aged veteran of the circuit but first time in the finale

  • Stroke by Mark Lucas (directed by Sharon Kayrooz)

  • Stacey Female. A forthright, dominant woman who is not to be messed around with. She can be fiery and is frequently frustrated by fools.

  • Sandra Female. She is the ‘Yang’ to Stacey’s “Yin’ – the fool who frustrates. Not overly endowed with many brains, she is generally trusting and friendly.

  • Myron Male. A ‘jive-talking’ blind white man with a persecution  complex who mistakenly thinks he’s black.

  • Adele Female. The annoying wife of Myron, she is not blessed  with the greatest intellect but is good-hearted.

  • Willpower by Roger Gimblett (directed by Andrew Moon)

  • Miles: early 20’s Male – kindhearted and decent. A ‘Greenie’

  • Dixon: mid/late 20’s Male – wealthy and stylish but cold

  • Eleanor: Dixon’s sister. Mid/late 20’s female – pleasant but possibly a bit vacuous

  • Sheila: Small role. A nurse. Female. Any age

  • Mel: 60’s. Male. Rambunctious mining magnate

  • Bus Riley’s Back in Town by William Inge (directed by Nick Smith)

  • Bus Riley – early/mid 20s, Navy, a “God” in Jackie’s eyes. Has become emotionally detached.

  • Jackie Loomis – early/mid 20s, fallen on hard times, fragile, beaten down by her father and events.

  • Salesman – 40-70, drunk, passing through and sad at what the town has become.

  • Howie – manager of local bar, knows everyone, knows everything.

  • Bernice Henry – 25-30, Jackie’s best friend from old. Desperate to protect Jackie from further heartache. A little overbearing.

  • Ralph Henry – 25-35, loving husband to Bernice. Cares for Jackie greatly.

Performance Dates:

  • September 5th: Evening performance

  • September 6th: Evening performance

  • September 7th: Matinee and evening performances

Performance Location: Lind Lane Theatre, 16 Mitchell St, Nambour

Rehearsal Dates: To be confirmed by the directors

Rehearsal Times: To be confirmed by the directors


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