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AUDITION NOTICE: 'One-Act Wonders' by Javeenbah Theatre Co.

Join us for auditions for the exciting lineup of one-act plays presented by Javeenbah Theatre Co. This is your chance to be part of captivating stories and showcase your talent on stage. Here's everything you need to know:

Audition Details:

  • Date: 19 May 2024

  • Time: 2:00 pm

  • Location: Javeenbah Theatre Co., Cnr Stevens Street and Ferry Street, Nerang QLD 4211

Audition Pack: Download Here

Register for Audition: Audition Registration Form

Plays and Characters:

  1. Mothers’ Group: Uncorked

  • Emma Barton (35, Female Presenting)

  • Jennifer Meadows (45, Female Presenting)

  • Amanda Wayne (51, Female Presenting)

  • Crystal Pegg (23, Female Presenting)

  • Ashley Brighton (31, Female Presenting)

  1. To Be a Superhero

  • Jon/Superstar (Male presenting, 20-40)

  • Lexi (Female presenting, 20-40)

  • Grove (Male presenting/undefined gender identity, 20-30)

  • Ensemble (Any Gender identity, any age)

  1. Radio Waves

  • Frankie (20-30, Male Presenting)

  • Eddie (25-35, Male Presenting)

  • Drag Queen (Any Age, Any Gender)

  • Man (20-60, Male Presenting)

  1. Battle of the Boyfriends

  • Harry (20-30, Male Presenting)

  • Mouse (20-30, Male Presenting)

  • Amy (20-30, Female Presenting)

  • Logan (18-early 20s, Male OR Female Presenting)

  • Gordon (40-60, Male Presenting)

  1. Don’t Do Drugs (Unless They’re Free)

  • Greg (20-30s, Male Presenting)

  • Molly (20-30s, Female Presenting)

What to Prepare for Audition:

  • Group cold read of the script (approx. 30 minutes)

  • Prepare for the audition by reviewing the audition pack and familiarising yourself with the characters and scenes.

Rehearsal and Production Details:

  • Rehearsals will be scheduled based on the cast's availability, with compulsory rehearsals on specified dates.

  • Production dates: 12-14 July 2024 (4 shows, including 2 on Saturday)

Membership Requirement:

  • All cast and crew members will need to become Javeenbah Members ($10 annual membership).

For any questions or inquiries about the production, please contact

We look forward to seeing you at auditions and bringing these captivating stories to life on stage! Let your talent shine in our upcoming one-act wonders.


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