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AUDITION NOTICE: 'Pride and Prejudice' at St. Luke's Theatre Society

St. Luke's Theatre Society is excited to announce auditions for our third play of 2024, "Pride and Prejudice." We invite talented actors to join us in bringing this timeless classic to life.

Audition Dates:

  • Bennet Family: Saturday, 8th June 9am – 12pm

  • Remaining Parts: Saturday, 15th June 9am – 12pm

  • Possible Call Back and Final Casting: Saturday, 22nd June 9am – 12pm

Rehearsal Period:

  • Sundays: 3pm – 6pm

  • Mondays: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

  • Wednesdays: 6:30pm – 9:30pm From Monday, 1st July to Wednesday, 21st August

Performance Dates:

  • Friday, 23rd August: 7:30pm

  • Saturday, 24th August: 2pm & 7:30pm

  • Friday, 30th August: 7:30pm

  • Saturday, 31st August: 2pm & 7:30pm

  • Friday, 6th September: 7:30pm

  • Saturday, 7th September: 2pm & 7:30pm

Location: Christ Church, Yeronga, 10 Cork St, Yeronga, Brisbane, Queensland

Character Descriptions

Bennet Family:

  • Mrs Bennet (40s): A woman with little understanding and an uncertain temper, determined to marry off her daughters.

  • Mr Bennet (40s-50s): A gentleman of few words, showing both reluctance and genuine care towards his wife.

  • Jane (22): Beautiful, gentle, compassionate, and close to her sister Elizabeth.

  • Elizabeth (20): Headstrong, witty, intelligent, and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

  • Mary (18): Plain, sometimes rude, but eager to be accomplished in piano, singing, and reading.

  • Catherine (17): Not as strong-willed as Lydia, but together they test their mother's patience.

  • Lydia (15): Strong-willed, frivolous, spoiled by her mother, and least dear to her father.

The Darcys:

  • Mr Darcy (28): Proud and haughty but shows admirable qualities through actions.

  • Lady Catherine De Bourgh (1 scene): Darcy's aunt, owner of Rosings Park, and Elizabeth's arch-nemesis.

The Friends:

  • Mr Bingley (23, 3 scenes): Charming and moderately rich, Darcy’s best friend.

  • Miss Bingley (22, 2 scenes): Vain, antagonistic, and jealous of Elizabeth.

  • Mr Collins (25): A distant cousin and logical marriage choice.

  • Mr Wickham (28ish, 3 scenes): Charming but immoral and extravagant.

  • Charlotte Lucas (27): Intelligent, sensible, and marries for financial stability.

  • Lady Lucas (2 scenes): A kind woman and valuable neighbour.

The Neighbours:

  • Lady Lucas (2 scenes): A kind and valuable neighbour and source of gossip.

Crew Required

  • Costumes: Period costumes (Early 19th century England)

Instructions: To audition, please email your headshot and desired roles to No preparation necessary; you will read scenes from the play with other auditionees.


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