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AUDITION NOTICE: 'Not Another R&J' at Empire Youth Arts

For this years Senior IMPACT Ensemble, we’re looking for a powerhouse collective of approx. 8-13 young creatives (ages 15-20) who together will work collaboratively across 6 months to develop an original production for a two show performance season at The Empire’s Armitage Centre. We are devising a new Australian work for young people, in response to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, titled 'Not Another R&J.'

Senior IMPACT Ensemble Details:

  • Entry based on audition

  • Ensemble works across each half of the year towards a public performance

  • Participants collaborate to develop original productions

  • Fee: $550 (covers tuition, materials, and workshops)

  • Payment plan available; bursary applications accepted for financial hardship

  • Auditions: April 22nd & 23rd, 4pm - 7:30pm at The Empire Theatre, Toowoomba

Audition Tasks:

  • Perform a self-devised or published monologue related to themes of Romeo and Juliet in a modern context

  • Present a self-devised piece on the topic of forbidden love, ancient feud, or youthful rebellion

  • Audition Pack

Application Process:

  • Application deadline: April 8th, 2024

  • Submit application form via email or in person to The Empire Ticketing Office

  • Ticketing Office: 54-56 Neil St, Toowoomba

Contact Information: Email:

About IMPACT Ensemble: Since 2011, The Empire Youth Arts’ IMPACT Ensembles have been empowering young artists to tell their stories with the same quality and care as professional theatre productions. These ensembles challenge assumptions about young people and their roles in shaping the world's future. Past productions have toured nationally and been published, with former members pursuing arts studies at leading institutions across Australia.

Join the IMPACT Ensemble and be part of a creative community dedicated to making a difference through storytelling and theatre. Apply now to showcase your talent and share your voice on stage!


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