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AUDITION NOTICE: "The Vera Watson Wellness Centre" by Vena Cava Productions

CAST APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Vena Cava Productions - The QUT Student Theatre Company

Vena Cava Productions is excited to offer the opportunity to be a part of our Main House 2 show - "The Vera Watson Wellness Centre" written by Tony Brumpton and directed by Shari Indriani Irwin and Tony Brumpton.

Application Details:

  • Application deadline: April 5th

  • Interviews: April 8th, 9th, & 10th

  • Callbacks: April 23rd and 24th

  • Rehearsal period: April 29th - May 26th

  • Tech/Performance Dates: Late June/Early July (subject to change)

Show Description: "The Vera Watson Wellness Centre" follows Adam, a naive new employee, as he begins his job as a service technician at the centre. Surrounded by a surly manager, compulsive clients, and enigmatic "Caregivers", Adam finds himself in complicated and compromising situations. As time passes, he discovers there's more to the Centre than advertised, leading him to question morality, mortality, and the meaning of life.

Important Information:

  • We strongly encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds, including people with disabilities, neurodiverse individuals, and those from racially diverse and queer identities, to apply.

  • The script contains adult themes, offensive language, and scenes of a sexual nature. Applicants are encouraged to read the script before auditioning.

  • Rehearsals will occur three times per week.

Audition Details:

  • Prepare one of the provided audition materials attached to the casting information.

  • Availability for all rehearsals, tech days, and performances is expected.

Contact Information:

Apply now for the chance to be part of this exciting production! Check out our linktree for more information: Vena Cava Productions Linktree


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