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AUDITION NOTICE: "We Will Rock You" by Coastal Theatre Collective

About "We Will Rock You"

Based on the music of Queen, "We Will Rock You" is set in a futuristic, corporate world 300 years from now. The story follows Galileo, a young outsider who dreams of breaking free from societal constraints. Encountering the Bohemians, rebels searching for lost instruments, Galileo embarks on a journey to restore live music while facing the tyranny of the Killer Queen.

The Creative Team

  • Directors: Madi Lee & Nicole Kaminski

  • Choreographer: Madi Lee

  • Musical Director: Nate Stevenson

Key Production Dates

  • Auditions: April 27th in Warana. Address will be sent on audition confirmation

  • Callbacks: April 28th

  • Rehearsal Period: Sep 16th - 28th (Full-time 10am-5pm) + 4 x Saturdays for ensemble

  • Tech: October 1st - October 3rd

  • Performances: October 4th - 5th (Possibly 6th too)

Audition Requirements

  • Dance Call: Ensemble roles are non-singing. Please wear appropriate dance attire and shoes. If you are only wanting to be considered for a principal, you are not needed at the dance call.

  • Individual Vocal Calls: Prepare an audition cut from "We Will Rock You" for the character you're interested in. Additionally, prepare an audition cut of a song in the style of the show. Bring backing tracks; you'll be able to connect to the sound system on the day (no pianist available). If you would like to be considered for only ensemble, please just prepare 2 x contrasting songs in the style of the show.

  • Individual Call Backs: Material will be provided for your callback session.

How to Audition

To secure an audition, email with your headshot and CV. Self-tape auditions available upon request. Applications close April 24th at 6pm. If you play any instruments, please let us know in your application.

Age Requirements

  • Principals, Teen Queens, Bohemians, Super Yuppies, Police: 18+ years

  • Gaga Ensemble (Dancers): 16+ years

Character Breakdowns


  1. Galileo ($1500) - Stage age 18. Male identifying. A misfit student who hears strange voices and songs, unaware he's the Bohemians' prophesied leader.

  2. Scaramouche ($1000) - Stage age 18. Female identifying. A sharp-witted misfit who joins Galileo in a quest against the system.

  3. Killer Queen ($1000) - Stage age 30+. Any gender. A ruthless businessperson leading the suppression of live music.

  4. Khashoggi ($1000) - Stage age 30+. Any gender. Works for Killer Queen, eliminating creative musical thoughts.

  5. Brit ($1000) - Stage age 20's. Male identifying. A Bohemian searching for the secrets of live music.

  6. Oz ($1000) - Stage age 20's. Female identifying. Brit's partner and truest friend, who leads Galileo and Scaramouche to the Bohemians.


  • Teen Queens ($500 each) - 4 x female identifying. Strong dancers and vocalists, living in a world of consumerism and downloadable music.

  • Bohemians Ensemble ($500 each) - Any gender. Rebels fighting against Global Soft's suppression of music, taking names of past musical heroes.

  • Gaga Kids/Chorus - Very strong dancers, any gender. Living in a world of consumerism and downloadable music. (Note, anyone 18+ in the dance ensemble will also be in the Secret Police and Super Yuppies numbers)

About CTC

Coastal Theatre Collective is dedicated to producing live theatrical experiences on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. At Coastal Theatre Collective, we vehemently oppose all forms of racism and discrimination. We recognise and actively address systemic barriers within the performing arts industry, striving for inclusivity and representation of all races, genders, and abilities. We stand in solidarity with IBPOC, CALD, and LGBTQIA+ members of our community, working towards a more diverse and equitable industry.


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