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JUNIOR AUDITION NOTICE: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Beenleigh Theatre Group

Key Dates:

  • Auditions: May 18 - 19, 2024

  • Intensive Weekend: June 1 - 2, 2024

  • Intensive Rehearsal Weeks: June 24 - 28 and July 1 - 5, 2024

  • Performances: July 5 - 6, 2024

Creative Team:

  • Director: Liam J. Kirkpatrick

  • Musical Director: Emma Erdis

  • Choreographer: Tamara Long

Age Range: Performers aged 8-18 years

About the Show: Based on the popular book series, the musical follows the adventures of preteen Greg Heffley as he navigates middle school and schemes his way to popularity. Greg encounters obstacles like his dorky friend Rowley, peculiar neighbour Fregley, and legendary playground cheese.

How to Audition:

  1. Audition Form: Complete the form online at Audition Form. Ensure that a parent or guardian consents to your audition.

  2. Prepare Audition Materials:

  • Acting: Choose and practice a relevant audition side (script excerpt) provided in the audition pack (Audition Sides).

  • Singing: Prepare 90 seconds of a Disney song that suits your voice. Bring backing music on a phone or USB.

  • Dance: Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to learn a short routine during the audition.

  1. Attend Audition: Choose one of the audition days (May 18 or May 19) and attend your scheduled session. The audition will consist of acting, singing, and dancing components.

  2. Callbacks: Some roles may require callbacks on the afternoon of May 19.

  3. Registration Fee: There is a show cost of $300 for all performers, with potential scholarships available for families facing financial hardships.


  • Greg Heffley: First-year middle schooler with a likeable yet scheming personality. Greg is both cocky and insecure, obsessed with achieving popularity.

  • Rowley Jefferson: Greg's loveable and innocent best friend. Rowley finds joy in almost any situation and is blindly devoted to Greg.

  • Claire: A popular girl at Greg's school who shares the legend of the cheese touch with Greg.

  • Chirag Gupta: Greg's friend and one of the smallest kids in school. Chirag has a fast rap number in the show. Specifically seeks a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) performer for this role.

  • Patty Farrell: Greg's nemesis who excels at everything and is determined to outshine Greg.

  • Fregley: A peculiar child who lives near Greg. Fregley is obsessed with gross things like scabs, blisters, and bugs.

  • Joshie: A European popstar and Rowley's idol. Joshie has a song called "Animal Heart" in the show.

  • Mom & Dad (Heffley Parents): Greg's well-meaning parents who often unintentionally annoy him with their quirks.

  • Rodrick Heffley: Greg's older brother who is a high school student and drummer in a metal band.

  • Manny Heffley: Greg's toddler brother who adds comedic moments to the family dynamic. C an be played by a performer up to age 10.

  • Bryce Anderson: The most popular boy in school who sits at the top of the social ladder.

  • Ensemble Roles: Various roles including other students, teachers, cartoon characters, bullies, and friends of Patty Farrell.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Beenleigh Theatre Group or visit their website (Beenleigh Theatre Group) for more information and to register for auditions.


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