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REVIEW: ‘Finding Nemo Jr: The Musical’ - Roar Academy 

Roar Academy's production of Finding Nemo Jr. at Theatre 102 in Redcliffe was a delightful dive into an undersea world of fun! This timeless Pixar story of Marlin, an anxious clownfish, and his adventurous child Nemo, was brought to life by the talented young cast with a blend of humour, emotion, and musical moments.

From the opening number, 'Big Blue World,' the strong ensemble vocals set the stage for a captivating performance that had the audience hooked (no pun intended). The sea creature costumes were an adorable addition to the underwater setting, giving us a delightful treat from the moment they “swam” onto the stage.

Toby Bailey's portrayal of Marlin was touching, while Daya Sudhi shined as Nemo with her beautiful vocals and stage presence. Her solo, ‘Where’s My Dad,’ showcased her strong musical theatre voice, making her a standout lead at such a young age! Zoe Hitchcock as the forgetful Dory made a splash with her energetic entrance and kept those energy levels high with her bubbly performance. Her rendition of 'Just Keep Swimming' was a vocal challenge that she tackled with impressive gusto. Ava Collett as Gill delivered a stunning vocal performance in 'We Swim Together,’ leaving me wishing I could hear more from her.

Tyler Haynes as Nigel, Kirill Yaremchenko as the tourist, and the lively seagulls clearly had the most fun of anyone on stage. Their enthusiasm was infectious and added that extra layer of enjoyment every time they showed up. ‘Fish are Friends’ was jazzy delight, complete with tap-dancing sharks! A little tip to the ensemble - keep your beautiful faces up and engaged! Even if you are finding the choreography challenging or easy, it’s crucial to avoid looking at the ground. Your shining faces are a vital part of the performance’s energy.

The Act 2 opener, 'Go With the Flow,’ was a definite highlight. Mia Dacey as Crush embodied the easygoing sea turtle and handled a vocally challenging song excellently. I can’t help but wonder where they found 17 turtle onesies (and where I could get one for myself). That number was a joy to watch and undoubtedly a favourite for many. The heartfelt conclusion of the show left hearts full and eyes misty, creating an atmosphere of shared pride.

Overall, Finding Nemo Jr. was a success, featuring charming young performers, imaginative costumes, and a heartwarming story that left smiles on everyone's faces. Congratulations to the cast and crew for crafting such a memorable experience for all involved! I look forward to seeing what they do next! 


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