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REVIEW: The Broadway Jam by JDProCo and PIP Theatre

JDProCo's latest Broadway cabaret, 'The Broadway Jam', surpassed all of my expectations! Headed by the incredible Josh Daveta and featuring a cast overflowing with talent, this show was a thrilling experience for a musical theatre tragic like myself. If you are a frequent theatre attendee, you may recognise many of these exceptional vocalists from previous stage performances. In this cabaret, each singer had the opportunity to select their own songs and impress us with their vocal and acting abilities. This is why each performer was so perfectly matched with their song choices and characters.

The evening kicked off with a bang as Josh Daveta took centre stage with "Larger Than Life" and "Baby One More Time" from &Juliet. The energy was electric; it felt like we were suddenly inside a Just Dance video game. I was so close to starting a mosh pit, I swear. Daveta is not just a stellar performer but also an engaging host, keeping the atmosphere lively and interactive to ensure everyone was having a blast all night long.

Jacqui Devereux's powerful belting capabilities in "Bring on the Men" from Jekyll and Hyde left the audience in awe, setting a high bar from the beginning of the evening. Jacqui returned later, kaftan on, gin martini in hand, and tackled Sondheim's "Ladies Who Lunch" from Company with a perfect blend of sass and class.

The dynamic duo, Tiffany Payne and Jess Papst, delivered an astonishing performance of "No Reason" from Beetlejuice. Jess demonstrated remarkable vocal control across all registers, effortlessly handling fast-paced lyrics with unwavering precision and a fun character portrayal. Jess returned later with two powerful performances: "After All This and Everything" from Freaky Friday and "Anything Worth Holding Onto" by Scott Alan. Although I was unfamiliar with these songs, her renditions deeply touched me, showcasing a raw and beautiful emotional depth that contrasted from her previous number.


Aysa Garcia's crystal-clear soprano in "I Have Confidence" from The Sound of Music added a touch of classic elegance to the mix, often a missing element in cabaret performances. Adam Lopez then stunned everyone with a jazz rendition of "My Favourite Things," sung a cappella. His vocal range, breath control, agility, and pitch awareness were simply phenomenal, leaving the audience with their mouths agape.

Hannah Bennett captivated with "Moments in the Woods" from Into the Woods, delivering excellent storytelling with a distinct Aussie accent. She later impressed with a dynamic interpretation of "Heaven on Their Minds" from Jesus Christ Superstar, radiating confidence and rockstar charisma. Tiffany Payne impressed with "It Roars" from Mean Girls, showcasing a cutesy naivety as Cady Heron (pre-plastics). But her rendition of "Come to Your Senses" from Tick Tick Boom was unbelievably captivating in its raw simplicity.

Oli Samson delivered a poignant rendition of "Leave" from Once. Despite the song's difficult ending, Oli provided a flawless execution of this remarkable composition while playing his guitar

Nikita O'Keefe amazed everyone with her rendition of "My Days" from The Notebook, delivering a truly breathtaking performance. This demanding new song just solidified her as the queen of the power ballad in my mind. Her portrayal was characterised with introspective emotions and remarkable high belts, executed without any noticeable strain. Later, Nikita embodied the essence of Cathy Hiatt in her interpretation of "Climbing Uphill" from The Last Five Years, proving she's not just a singing sensation but a comedy queen too.

In my opinion, among all the insanely impressive performances, Ella Macrokanis' jazz-infused version of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" from American Idiot truly stood out. She used a loop for the background vocals and demonstrated her smooth and effortless melismatic singing technique. Seriously, this girl should be famous already!


The night was peppered with other delightful surprises, including Oli's operatic "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot, performed without a microphone from the theatre's centre. The surprises continued as Aysa and Josh gave captivating performances of a gender-swapped "Her Voice" and "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid. Josh yassified his version as Ursula, and the crowd lapped it up. Another highlight was Josh Daveta's innovative mash-up of "Juice" by Lizzo and "Get Down" from Six, delivered with trademark Aussie flair.


Adam Lopez closed the solo performances with a stunning male version of "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music, exhibiting his effortless belting, melismatic style, and falsetto abilities, for which he is renowned. The entire cast united to end the performance with a beautiful group rendition of "Seasons of Love" from RENT. I was craving more epic group performances, as I am a sucker for some killer harmonies. But I totally understand the busy schedules of these performers and the difficulties of arranging group rehearsals.


The technical capabilities of PIP Theatre enhanced every singer, providing lighting, sound, and staging that perfectly complemented the vocalists. Dale, the accompanist, deserves special mention for his exceptional skill in mastering a diverse and challenging repertoire to make every number shine.

If you enjoy pop music, musical theatre, mash-ups, Postmodern Jukebox, or just being thoroughly entertained... you must catch JDProCo's next cabaret! This show not only highlighted the artists' outstanding abilities but also the innovative vision that brought these out-of-context musical theatre selections to life.

Photographs by Rhys Bentley


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